Cwxrssr's Mods

11. Indonesian Train Horn v1.0

12. Mermaid Skin Pack v3.8

13. SA Gold Money v1.0

14. Muslim Couples v1.1

15. Mermaid Myth v1.3

16. It's Me Mod v1.0

17. There Is Cat v1.2

18. Swapped Body v1.5

19. Call Bodyguard v1.0

20. No Brass Knuckles v1.0

21. San Andreas Triangle v1.5

22. Linda Meilinda Kebaya Skin v1.0

For gta sa android mods, read this post: Some mods ported to Android

If you want to download please choose link 1 (recommended) because link 1 is quick update for my mod and if all the download links (Link 1 and Link 2) on this blog doesn't work, you can go to my list mods on My GTA Mods Pages for alternative all mods download links.

After you download the mod files, you may verify/check the downloaded file for MD5 value with MD5 checksum tool by matching MD5 value listed on the post with the MD5 value of the file that you downloaded to ensure that you have an original file that created by me (author).


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